The Need For Speed: Optimizing Drupal for High Performance

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3:10-4:00 PM
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Jim Keller
Performance & Scalability

The worst time for your site to be slow or unresponsive is just as you see a major surge in traffic. Even with its own internal caching and performance measures, Drupal can put a lot of strain on a server when the demand for pages continues to increase. And how will your users (or your clients) react when the server starts to buckle under the pressure, serving up errors or simply timing out?

This intermediate-level talk will discuss a variety of different techniques, from making sure your code is clean and fast to implementing third party caching and content delivery systems. We'll talk about tools like Memcache, APC, and Varnish, and will discuss services like Cloudflare, Acquia, and Amazon. Ultra-fast,load-balanced Drupal sites are within your reach, so it's time to fuel up!

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