Goodbye dsm() - Developing with the NetBeans IDE

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3:10-4:00 PM
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Jim Skowyra
Code & Development

If you use dsm() often, then chances are good you'll love what NetBeans can offer. Get variable, array and object values right in your development IDE. But NetBeans really shines when it comes to debugging your code.

This session will cover the capabilities of the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment.

We'll start with a brief look at the difference between an editor such as NotePad++ and an IDE. Then we'll cover:

The interface windows
Code completion for PHP, javascript and CSS
Breakpoints and Debugging line by line
Set up for conforming to Drupal code formatting standards
SVN and Git integration
The Call Stack
Database integration

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How to Install XDEBUG

Install Java7 JDK

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In sandbox, I wrote a module called PHP Variable Hunter. It's a debugging tool more specific than print_r or dpm. You call it $result = pvh($content, 'text_to_search'), it returns all the variable members containing 'text_to_search' both printed to the screen and returned in an array, so you can analyze the members without stopping the debug session.
I'd like to give a short demo of how to use it in NetBeans.

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