Become A Sponsor

The DrupalCampCT website has been designed to allow organizations to initiate the progress of becoming a sponsor of DrupalCampCT simply by creating a sponsor page on our website as follows:

  • Register an account (or choose an account you have already created) on our website at which you will use to enter a description of your organization's services and products and upload your organization's logo.
  • Once you have registered your account on our website, create a sponsor page by clicking on the Become a Sponsor link in the right sidebar.
  • On the Create Sponsor page:
    • In the Sponsor Name field, enter the name of your organization.
    • In the Company Information field, enter a 100 word (or less) description of your organization and/or the services and products it provides. Our website does not enforce the 100 word limit nor will we if you go over by a few words. However, please be respectful of our request that you keep your description to this length.
    • Using the Logo field, upload your organization's logo in png, gif or jpg format. To look best with the theme of our website, you will want to upload an image in png or gif format with a transparent background. Your image should have a large enough resolution (width and height in pixels) so that it will look sharp when printed and displayed at DrupalCampCT on an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. We will print your logo appropriate to its dimensions in either portrait or landscape mode. The logo that is actually displayed on our website will be a re-sized version of the image that you originally upload (something like, 175 pixels wide for Platinum logos, 150 pixels wide for Gold logos, 125 pixels wide for Silver logos depending upon the final design of the website).
    • Using the Attendees field, you can link to other members of your organization who have registered for DrupalCampCT.
    • Use the Contribution field to enter an amount you would like to contribute to DrupalCampCT2013. Contribute $300+ for platinum level sponsorship, $200+ for gold level sponsorship, and $100+ for silver level sponsorship.
    • Provide the name, email and phone number for a contact within your organization in the appropriate fields.
    • Fill in the Materials field to let us know of any non-monetary contributions (e.g. t-shirts, books) you will be making and sending through the mail so that we can look out for their arrival.
  • By completing the requested information and saving the sponsor page, the DrupalCampCT organizers will be notified of your intention to become a sponsor of DrupalCampCT.
  • Shortly thereafter, we will contact you to verify your identity and intention and to let you know how to get your contributions to us. We will then publish the information you have supplied on our website.

Any questions can be directed to Mark A. Friedman, our sponsorship coordinator, at

A Few of Our Sponsors: