Drupal Camp August 10th 2013

We thank you all for joining us at DrupalCampCT 2013 and creating a fantastic event!

DrupalCampCT could not have been a success if it were not for everyone involved - the attendees, the speakers, the volunteers, the sponsors - and everyone else who makes Drupal happen.

We look forward to seeing you next year at DrupalCampCT 2014 or at some other Drupal event beforehand.


     Mark, Matt, Nancy and Tom

DrupalCampCT is a full-day, no-cost event, structured around the open-source content management system, Drupal, which includes knowledgeable speakers, informative workshops, impromptu birds-of-a-feather sessions, and invaluable opportunities to network with other Drupalists in and around the Nutmeg State!

We expect attendees to be a good mix of experienced Drupalists and newcomers to Drupal; developers, themers, content managers and project leaders; and consultants, corporate professionals, academics and passionate hobbists.

We are presently looking for sponsors for this year's DrupalCampCT event. We appreciate that your support of DrupalCamps shows your respect for the value that community brings to Drupal as an open-source project. Learn how you can sponsor this event.

2013 Drupal Camp Keynote

Mike Anello

Co-founder and President of DrupalEasy

Michael Anello

DrupalCampCT is proud to announce that Mike Anello, Co-founder and President of DrupalEasy will be keynoting this years event. Mike is an active member of the Drupal community, he spends a lot of his time interviewing members of the Drupal community and training people to use Drupal, so we think he will provide some valuable insight into growing the Drupal community, not only in Connecticut, but the entire world!

More information about Mike Anello

Support Aaron Winborn

Aaron Winborn is a long time Drupal contributor and has been one of the most selfless givers in the community. Aaron is bravely battling late stage ALS and a trust has been setup by the Advomatic to support Aaron and his family.

Please give back to someone who has given a lot to the Drupal community by contributing funds to Aaron Winborn's trust.

A Few of Our Sponsors: